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Current release:

Citation Wizard is also available as a free Windows application called Citation Wizard LE.

Features contained in both Citation Wizard and Citation Wizard LE: Features unique to the Citation Wizard LE Windows application: If the added benefits of Citation Wizard LE interest you, click the link below to download the application:


System Requirements
Revision history - Improved implementation of Edit menu functionality. - Minor fix to entry list not immediately refreshing after using the remove entry tool. - Will not display a period after titles that end in a question or exclamation mark. Correction made to citation generation for scholarly journal. Several under the hood performance enhancements made that will ease the implementation of version 2.0. - Switched order of preview and add to document buttons. Status bar added so as to alert the user to the number of entries in an open document. Status bar will display "Ready" on empty documents. Fixed a crash that would occur should a user try to remove entries from an empty document. Minor revisions to help document.

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